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Second United Presbyterian Church, Highland Park

Second United Presbyterian Church

This church has an unusually eclectic history. It began as the Second United Presbyterian Church. Father Pitt does not know the original architect, but in 1915 there was a devastating fire, and a large reconstruction project was supervised by the architect John Louis Beatty.(1) In 1933 the Presbyterians moved out, and this became the East End Baptist Church. Now it is the Union Project (an arts venue) and the meeting-place of the Jonah’s Call Anglican congregation.

About two and a half years ago, old Pa Pitt published some pictures of this church, but something seemed different about it. It took a moment to realize: the decorative details on the tower have been cleaned. Back in 2021, all the stone had been cleaned except for the very top of the tower:

Tower with soot still on it

But now the tower is clean to its very tip:

Top of the tower cleaned
Second U. P. Church
Union Project
Main entrance
Main entrance again
Gothic arch
Black pinnacle

This little pinnacle is still the color the whole church used to be.

East End Baptist Church

Map showing the location of the church.


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