Dormont Presbyterian Church

Dormont Presbyterian Church

Dormont Presbyterian Church (now North Way Community Church) in winter sunlight.

Transept Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral

Transept tower

A large Gothic church can be prickly with towers. In addition to the great front towers whose spires can be seen for miles, St. Paul’s has a pair of smaller towers on each transept front.

Merry Christmas

Transept entrance to St. Paul’s Cathedral

Transept entrance to St. Paul’s Cathedral, with Christmas wreaths flanking it.

St. Paul’s in Winter Sunlight

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Oakland, Pittsburgh

A winter view from the Mellon Institute. This is a high-dynamic-range picture made from three separate photographs, which helps preserve the detail in the shadows as well as the sunlight.

First Presbyterian Church, Castle Shannon

First Presbyterian Church, Castle Shannon

A wood-frame country church whose most identifiable feature is its big square belfry. Artificial siding has eaten up some of the trim and made the walls a little monotonous, but the shapes of the various masses still make an interesting composition.