Fountain at Clearview Common, Mount Lebanon

Clearview Common is a little parklet at the corner of Washington Road and Alfred Street in the middle of the Uptown Mount Lebanon business district. It makes an urban oasis out of a vacant lot, and this fountain is one of its distinctive features.

Pittsburgh natives are probably not aware that, to outsiders, one of the most surprising things about the city and its inner suburbs is the ubiquity of shoe-repair shops.

Mayflower Apartments, Shadyside

A modest apartment building with a bit of Art Deco flair in the brickwork and the staggered vertical lines.

Morning Glories

Many more pictures are in the full article on Ipomoea purpurea at Flora Pittsburghensis.

Row of Windows, Carson Street

A row of more than usually ornate Italianate windows on Carson Street, South Side.