In general, this is a privacy-friendly site. We do not accept outside advertising, and we have made an effort to avoid anything that would track our readers whenever it’s possible. We usually set no cookies in your browser unless you ask for them, except for generic utility cookies used to keep the WordPress software running.

If you leave a comment

If you leave a comment, you can choose to accept a browser cookie so that the necessary information can be filled in automatically the next time you leave a comment. That cookie lasts a year, and it does nothing else. But if you don’t like it, you can still leave comments: just don’t check the box.

You reveal your IP address when you leave a comment, but we just throw those addresses away. You are required to fill in an email address, but if you just make one up we won’t know the difference.

Embedded content

A few articles have content embedded from other sites. That content is subject to the privacy rules of those other sites, over which Father Pitt has no control.

Your information stays here

We do not send any of our readers’ data to outside servers. We gather simpleminded generic statistics about how many people have visited a particular page, but we have no way of telling who those people were and how many of them were spambots. To prevent comment spam, we use an equally simpleminded spam-blocker plugin that relies on simple tricks and does not send any data to an outside service.