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Schenley Quad, Oakland

Schenley Quad from the grounds of Soldiers and Sailors Hall

Originally the Schenley Apartments, but now Schenley High School has been turned into apartments as the Schenley Apartments, so using the original name would be confusing. This huge complex was built in 1922 as luxury apartments to go with the Hotel Schenley. The architect was Henry Hornbostel, with the collaboration of Rutan & Russell, the original architects of the hotel. In 1955 the University of Pittsburgh bought the Schenley Apartments (for less than they had cost to build in 1922), and since then the buildings have been Pitt dormitories. Above, we see the complex from the grounds of Soldiers and Sailors Hall; below, the steps up from Forbes Avenue.

Forbes Avenue steps

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From across Forbes
A different angle

If old Pa Pitt’s hypothesis is correct, those hideous corrugated-metal utility tubes are invisible to everyone but him, because Americans simply don’t see the tops of buildings.

With Hotel Schenley at left
From across Fifth
A different angle
Also from across Fifth
From westward on Fifth Avenue
Long view

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