The Lionhead, Shadyside

Twin lion heads guard the entrances to the Lionhead, an apartment building in Shadyside.

Decorations on the Parkvale Building, Oakland

The richly decorated Parkvale Building on Forbes Avenue is currently under renovation, so we can hope that these splendid reliefs will continue to delight future generations of Pittsburghers.

The Iroquois

The Iroquois Building

The Iroquois Building, which takes up a whole block of Forbes Avenue, was designed by Frederick Osterling, Pittsburgh’s most consistently flamboyant architect. Osterling designed in a variety of styles: he had his own ornate version of Richardsonian Romanesque, and his last large commission was the Flemish-Gothic Union Trust Building. Here, as in the Arrott Building downtown, he adapts Beaux-Arts classicism to his own flashier sensibilities. The building was finished in 1903.

This clock sits in front of the central light well—a typically ornate Osterling detail.

A naked brick front would never do for Osterling; it must be constantly varied in shape and texture. These grotesque reliefs help.

Terra-Cotta Ornaments on the Maul Building

Terra-cotta ornament, Maul Building

The splendid terra-cotta facing of the Maul Building is covered with ornaments that may have been standard catalogue items, but nevertheless show considerable artistic talent.

Terra-Cotta Trim

Decorative trim on the Schiller Glocke Gesang und Turn Verein (map), a German singing club (now apartments) built in 1897.