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Pittsburgh Mercantile Company, South Side

Heads on the Pittsburgh Mercantile Company Building

Designed by Rutan & Russell, the Pittsburgh Mercantile Company was definitely not a company store, because those had been made illegal in Pennsylvania. Instead, it was a separate company that happened to have exactly the same officers as Jones & Laughlin, which ran the steel plant across the street, and that happened to accept the scrip in which the steelworkers were paid.

So it was a company store, but technically legal.

The words “company store” probably conjure up images of bleak little Soviet-style general stores, but this was obviously nothing like that image. It was a fantastic palace of every kind of merchandise, and the architectural decoration was obviously meant to send the message that there was no reason to object to the company-store system, because what else on the South Side could begin to equal this experience?

The building

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Were Rutan & Russell the inventors of the Lego block? You decide.

More fruit
Windows, etc.
Two fruit baskets
flower, head, fruit
Fruits and flower
More heads
Lion head
Lion head
Egyptian head
Oblique view of the building

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