South 26th Street

South 26th Street, Pittsburgh

A very Pittsburghish view: a cluttered urban streetscape, seen under a railroad viaduct, with an entirely different neighborhood (in this case Oakland) on the inaccessible hill in the distance.

Corner House, South Side

Remarkable mostly for its unremarkableness, this little house in the back streets of the South Side is a good demonstration of how to keep an old house (it might be 150 years old or more) tastefully up to date.

Church Converted to Alley Houses, South Side

From the blocked-up Gothic windows and general shape, we can infer that this was a small church. But at some point not very recently it was converted to four tiny alley houses, made only slightly less tiny by the addition of what are probably kitchens on the back.

Matched Pair of Victorian Commercial Buildings on Carson Street

Both could use a little spiffing up, but they are fine examples of the Victorian commercial architecture for which Carson Street is famous.

Under the Railroad Overpass, South Side

Little mineral stalactites dangle from the railroad overpass over 21st Street, South Side.