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Mission Hills in the Snow

Parkway Drive

Mission Hills in Mount Lebanon was laid out in 1921 as an ideally picturesque automobile suburb. The lots were sold off individually, so that each buyer hired his own architect and builder. The result is a delightful variety of styles that all fit comfortably together. We’ll take a look at a couple of those houses individually later, but right now here is a big album of Mission Hills houses in the snow.

343 Parkway Drive

To keep from weighing down the front page, we’ll put the rest of the pictures behind a “read more” link.

376 Parkway Drive
410 Jefferson Drive
339 Parkway Drive
365 Parkway Drive
441 Jefferson Drive
365 Orchard Drive
351 Jefferson Drive
309 Orchard Drive
232 Parkway Drive
315 Orchard Drive
311 Parkway Drive
310 Parkway Drive
310 Parkway Drive
201 Parkway Drive
305 Parkway Drive
301 Jefferson Drive
295 Parkway Drive
276 Jefferson Drive
261 Parkway Drive
255 Parkway Drive
245 Parkway Drive
241 Parkway Drive

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