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Lebanon Hills in the Rain

40 Lebanon Hills Drive

Last week we saw Mission Hills in the snow. The next plan down the way, Lebanon Hills, was laid out shortly after Mission Hills, and we see it here in the weather nature granted us when we happened to be there. The parts closer to Washington Road have, like Mission Hills, an extraordinarily broad assortment of housing styles; the parts farther east are mostly postwar construction. Here is a large album of some of the more interesting houses.

55 Connecting Road
81 Lebanon Hills Drive

In order to avoid weighing down the front page, we’ll put the rest of these pictures below the fold, to use a metaphor derived from “newspapers,” an extinct form of communication some of Father Pitt’s older readers may remember.

60 Lebanon Hills Drive
41 Lebanon Hills Drive

Some of these pictures are in black and white, because old Pa Pitt was celebrating the twenty-first birthday of his Samsung camera, which he leaves set to black and white.

41 Lebanon Hills Drive
34 Lebanon Hills Drive
31 Lebanon Hills Drive

Some architects put all their effort into the front of a house, but this one made every angle a fresh view.

31 Lebanon Hills Drive
30 Lebanon Hills Drive
255 Outlook Drive

Here is an architect who tried something new, which earns our respect. We would encourage this architect to keep trying.

20 Lebanon Hills Drive
241 Park Entrance Drive
231 Park Entrance Drive
223 Park Entrance Drive
211 Outlook Drive
231 Outlook Drive

This one has the stern and slightly angry look of a 1600s New England manse. A few more gables would qualify it for the Nathaniel Hawthorne treatment.

231 Outlook Drive
86 Park Entrance Drive
234 Park Entrance Drive
234 Park Entrance Drive

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