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  • Duquesne Incline

    Seen from across the Ohio.

  • Marigolds in the Snow

  • Tracks in the Snow

    Tracks in the snow

    A rookie hunter might follow these tracks expecting to find a freight train; but a seasoned tracker would notice that they are Pennsylvania broad gauge, and therefore must lead to a trolley eventually.

  • Winter Stream

  • Twigs in the Snow

    Twigs in the snow

    The line between artistic minimalism and dullness is thin and permeable. Which one does this picture represent? You get to decide! Old Pa Pitt intends the single dry leaf as symbolism, and you also get to decide what it symbolizes.

  • Freezing Rain and Snow

  • Snow

    Snow on coneflower seedheads

    Above: Snow on seedheads of Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea).

    Below: Snow on seedheads of Garlic Chives (Allium tuberosum).

    Snow on garlic chives seedheads
  • Snow on the Tulips

  • Daffodils in the Snow: The Movie Version

    If you were waiting for the movie, here it is. You can go to the Wikimedia Commons hosting page for the HD version.

  • The Boulevard

    Brookline Boulevard

    Brookline Boulevard, known simply as “the Boulevard” in the neighborhood, is the broadest commercial street in Pittsburgh—which surprises visitors from flat cities, where it would be at best a middling business street. It’s a curiously one-sided business strip: almost all the businesses are on the southwest side, the northeast side being primarily residential.

    That may be because, for much of the neighborhood’s life, it was effectively two streets. When trolleys ran in Brookline, Brookline Boulevard was two narrow strips for cars, with trolleys in a separate median in the middle—much like Broadway in Dormont along the current Red Line. Removing the trolleys and paving the median created the exceptionally broad street.

    The Brookline business district is one that is seldom thought of as a destination for shoppers from out of the neighborhood. But it should be. It has very few chain stores, but it is prosperous enough that storefronts are seldom empty for long. The result is a delightful mix of little one-off shops, cafés, and ethnic restaurants.

    The tower in the distance is the lookout tower of Engine House Fifty-Seven.