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  • Moderne in Mission Hills

    361 Orchard Drive

    Mission Hills in Mount Lebanon, laid out in 1921, is a neighborhood where houses in all different styles coexist happily. Most of those styles are historical or romantic; this ultramodern house is a definite outlier, and an unexpected treasure in a neighborhood full of treasures. Father Pitt does not know the architect, but because of the striking similarities between this house and one in Swan Acres attributed to Joseph Hoover, we shall tentatively assign this one to Hoover as well. (And old Pa Pitt promises to get to Swan Acres soon and bring back some pictures of that remarkable neighborhood.)

    Perspective view

    Could the house number be more perfectly styled to match the house?

    Perspectivier view

    And is that a genuine Kool Vent awning over the side door?

  • Mission Hills in the Snow

    Parkway Drive

    Mission Hills in Mount Lebanon was laid out in 1921 as an ideally picturesque automobile suburb. The lots were sold off individually, so that each buyer hired his own architect and builder. The result is a delightful variety of styles that all fit comfortably together. We’ll take a look at a couple of those houses individually later, but right now here is a big album of Mission Hills houses in the snow.

    343 Parkway Drive

    To keep from weighing down the front page, we’ll put the rest of the pictures behind a “read more” link.