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St. Mary’s Church, Sharpsburg

St. Mary’s in Sharpsburg

Detroit architect Peter Dederichs gave us this gorgeous Renaissance basilica, which is crammed into an absurdly tiny space at the foot of the bluff in Sharpsburg. The exterior hasn’t changed in any significant way since the building went up in 1916, as we can see in a cover story in Stone magazine from February of 1919. In that story we learn that the stone was Dark Hollow Gray Bedford limestone from Indiana, and it has stood up perfectly to more than a century of Pittsburgh atmosphere.

Front of St. Mary’s Church, Sharpsburg
Date stone

The foundation of the congregation.

Date stone

The building of the church.


Capitals of the Corinthian order.

Rear of the church

The apse, and an especially lush growth of utility cables.

View of St. Mary’s from Penn Street

Looking toward the church on Penn Street.

St. Mary’s Church, Sharpsburg

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