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Some Details of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Front of St. Paul’s
View from opposite corner

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2 responses to “Some Details of St. Paul’s Cathedral”

  1. For a city with so many churches specifically built for constrained lots, the cathedral is certainly a rambling structure. The towers almost look like they’re undergoing mitosis, hoping to form, new, smaller churches off to either side.

    • Henry Frick paid a lot of money for the old Catholic cathedral downtown, which had been left teetering on top of a tall mound of dirt by several lowerings of the “Hump.” There was plenty of money to buy a lot big enough for a whole medieval village.

      It’s also true that Fifth Avenue in Oakland was the one part of the city where constrained lots were not the norm. It’s the only part of Pittsburgh that reminds Washingtonians of Washington: a big boulevard lined by monumental buildings that could be plunked in the middle of the federal district without seeming out of place.

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