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Beltzhoover Sub-District School

Beltzhoover Sub-District School
This picture was made from 15 separate photographs, so be aware that it will be about 18 megabytes of data if you enlarge it.

Built in 1909, this is a grand classical schoolhouse with a distinctive tower; except for the tower, we can imagine it as an English earl’s house from the 1600s. The architects were William J. Shaw and Thomas Lloyd. The school has been abandoned for years, but there is hope now of turning it into apartments. In the huge picture above, note the way the building defies the typically Pittsburghish slope of the street. In fact it sits on a mound in the middle of the block, and you need some legs to get up to it from any direction.

Beltzhoover Elementary School
Beltzhoover Sub-District School

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  1. This is a magnificent school building in the city of Pittsburgh. It is one of many abandoned former Pittsburgh Public School District buildings sitting empty and deteriorating. It would remarkable if Beltzhoover School could be saved and converted to residential use, because it is indeed an architectural gem worthy of preservation.

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