Tag: Abstract Expressionism

  • Snow on a Fence

    A wooden fence with snow accumulating on it, rendered as a nineteenth-century engraving. Several steps went into this rendition—compensating for lens distortion, adjusting perspective, converting the picture to black-and-white, enhancing details two different ways, and finally the Colored Engraving filter by Lyle Kroll and David Tschumperlé, which is one of (at last count) 574 different filters and effects available in the G’MIC image-processing framework.

  • Skyline Abstraction

  • Software Engineering Institute

    Abstraction from the Software Engineering Institute

    The twentieth century did not pass old Pa Pitt by entirely: sometimes he indulges in a bit of abstract expressionism. This is the Dithridge Street wall of the Software Engineering Institute in Oakland, as seen obliquely with a long lens.

  • Reflections in PPG Place

    Artsy if not artistic pictures of PPG Place reflecting PPG Place and nearby buildings.

  • Rooftops of Oakland

  • Reflections in 650 Washington Road

    Clouds reflected in the windows of a modernist office building (built in 1965) in uptown Mount Lebanon.

  • Burnham Reflected

    300 Sixth Avenue, the former Wood Street Building, was designed by Daniel Burnham. The lower floors were given an Art Deco makeover in 1939, but here we see the more original upper floors in the funhouse mirror of Two PNC Plaza.

  • Alcoa Building (North Shore), 1999

    Two abstract views of the newer Alcoa Building on the North Shore at the end of the Seventh Street Bridge. The one above was taken with a Lubitel TLR; the one below was taken with an Imperial plastic “toy” TLR.

    Obviously old Pa Pitt is still rummaging through his large library of old pictures.

  • Branch Against the Sky

    This is actually a color photograph of a branch against a grey, rainy sky; but when old Pa Pitt tried the experiment of converting it to black and white, nothing changed at all. This is therefore a color photograph of a completely monochromatic scene.

  • Palm Leaves

    Patterns of leaves and glass in the Palm House at Phipps Conservatory.