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A Last Look at the Condemned Row on Market Street

100 block of Market Street

Appeals having been exhausted, this row of buildings on Market Street at First Avenue is scheduled to be demolished soon. They are not works of extraordinary architectural merit, but it will be a small urban tragedy to lose them. This block of Market Street was one of the few streets left downtown with human-sized old buildings on both sides of the street. This was the Pittsburgh of the Civil War era, not only before skyscrapers but also before the grand six-storey commercial palaces that came before skyscrapers.

Perspective view
Lowman-Shields Rubber Building

The old Lowman-Shields Rubber Building is also condemned, having sat derelict for two decades or more. This Rundbogenstil warehouse is in very close to its original state externally, including the ghosts of old painted signs on the ground floor, probably dating from before the Lowman-Shields Rubber Company owned the building.

Base of the building with painted signs
Canon PowerShot SX150 IS.

“Folding Paper Boxes,” “Paper,” “Cordage,” “Laundry Supplies.”

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