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Allegheny County Airport

When this airport was built, it was the largest in the world in terms of runway footage; it is still one of the busiest airports in Pennsylvania, though there are no longer scheduled commercial flights. Moving the commercial flights to Greater Pitt meant that this airport never had to be rebuilt or modernized, so that the terminal (designed by Stanley L. Roush in 1931) is perhaps the most perfectly preserved Art Deco airport terminal in the world. It has played the airport in several period movies, and somewhere in a box or file Father Pitt has a picture of the terminal with the name “Bruxelles” replacing “Allegheny County Airport.”

Camera: Kodak EasyShare Z1485 IS.

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  1. Lunken Airport in Cincinnati is another beautifully preserved (and still in use) Art Deco airport.

    • Thank you for pointing out Lunken Airport. A Google image search turns up a few pictures of a beautiful terminal from the 1930s—but there are no images of it at all on Wikimedia Commons! If there are any readers with cameras, or smartphones, in Cincinnati, please take a little time and document this fine building for us. Your reward will be only our gratitude, but gratitude is the currency of generous spirits.

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