Tag: Postcard Colors

  • Cathedral of Learning in Postcard Colors

    A two-color rendition of the Cathedral of Learning.

  • Top of the Arrott Building

    The top of the Arrott Building, rendered in old-postcard colors by the Two-Strip Technicolor script for the GIMP.

  • Reflection of the Benedum-Trees Building

    Benedum-Trees Building reflected in the Patterson Building

    The ornate top of the Benedum-Trees Building on Fourth Avenue, reflected in the glass front of the Patterson Building on Third Avenue. This is a two-color rendition, like an old postcard or a two-strip Technicolor movie. We are going to see quite a lot of Fourth Avenue and nearby in the next few days.

  • The View from Mount Washington, in Two Colors

    The skyline on a perfect day, rendered in old-postcard colors.

  • Log Cabin on the Pitt Campus

    This is an old log house—probably about 200 years old—brought in from the rural exurbs of Armstrong County to represent the log cabin that has long played a prominent part in Pitt’s origin story. From 1787 until its first building was ready, the Pittsburgh Academy used a log building. That building is long gone, of course; this one was donated by a rich alumnus. It looks a bit silly among the sophisticated Gothic extravagances of the Stephen Foster Memorial, the Cathedral of Learning, and Heinz Chapel.

    These pictures were taken back in February; for some reason old Pa Pitt never got around to publishing them until now. They are rendered in two-color old-postcard style for no very good reason other than that they looked better that way.

  • Christmas at PPG Place

    In old-postcard colors, the Christmas tree and skating rink at PPG Place.

  • Tower of St. Bernard’s, Mount Lebanon

    The tower of St. Bernard’s peers over the trees in Mount Lebanon, brought to you in old-postcard colors thanks to the Two-Strip Technicolor plugin for the GIMP.

  • Sweeping the Cathedral Steps

    In old-postcard colors, a view of the front steps of St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland.

  • Entrance to Phipps Conservatory

    The entrance to Phipps, rendered in old-postcard colors by the Two-Strip Technicolor script for the GIMP.

  • Shelf Fungus


    For no very good reason, Father Pitt decided to see what this picture of a log covered with little bracket fungi would look like if it had been printed with one of the limited-color processes sometimes used for books of popular science in the 1930s. There is actually a plugin for the GIMP that imitates two-color Technicolor, which suited his purposes well enough. What do you think? Would this not have made an admirable illustration in The Child’s Book of Wonders of the Fungus World?

    Camera: Olympus E-20n.