Category: Mount Lebanon

  • Mount Lebanon Cemetery Office

    This fine vernacular-Gothic house serves as the gatehouse and office for the Mount Lebanon Cemetery, which was founded in 1901. It’s charmingly out of place in its neighborhood, which is a later development where most of the houses date from after the First World War.

  • More Art Deco in Mount Lebanon

    Though it currently houses a real-estate agency, the terra-cotta reliefs tell us that this was built as a medical office. The splendid Art Deco eagle made it a very patriotic medical office.

  • Uptown Mount Lebanon

    A compressed view of the northern half of the Washington Road business district in Mount Lebanon, one of our more affluent urban suburbs.

  • St. Bernard’s from the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery

    Views of St. Bernard Church on a slightly snowy winter day.

  • Carvings on the Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building

    The Art Deco architecture of the Mount Lebanon Municipal Building demanded Art Deco ornamentation. Old Pa Pitt is not quite sure what the standing heads along the cornice are meant to be. He suspects either crusaders or golems.

  • Home Land Building, Mount Lebanon

    Uptown Mount Lebanon is one of the best Art Deco neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area, and this building—otherwise a rather severe late-classical style—stands out for its bright Art Deco marquee.

  • Deco Gothic in Mount Lebanon

    Though old Pa Pitt has not yet found any documentary evidence, he identifies this building with some confidence as an old neighborhood movie house. The marquee, the Hollywood Gothic fantasy terra-cotta front, and the shape of the building (it is fairly long from front to back) all suggest a movie theater of the silent era.


  • Tower of St. Bernard’s, Mount Lebanon

    The tower of St. Bernard’s peers over the trees in Mount Lebanon, brought to you in old-postcard colors thanks to the Two-Strip Technicolor plugin for the GIMP.

  • St. Bernard Church and School, Mount Lebanon

    The rear of St. Bernard Church, as seen from the St. Clair Cemetery.

    Camera: Olympus E-20n.
  • Uptown Mount Lebanon

    The whole of Uptown, the central business district of Mount Lebanon, was included last year in a new Mount Lebanon Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. The district was designated as an outstanding example of an early automobile suburb of the 1920s, but the automobile was only half the story. Until the middle 1980s, streetcars ran down the middle of Washington Road; now they run under part of Mount Lebanon in a subway tunnel, emerging behind the business district with stairway and elevator access to the middle of everything. The ideal automobile suburb is one in which an automobile is not a necessity.

    Camera: Canon PowerShot S45. The streetscape above and the picture of the Rosalia building are composites.