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Some Details of the Fulton Building

Light well in the Fulton Building

The Fulton Building was one of a pair of buildings designed for Henry Phipps by New York architect Grosvenor Atterbury; the complementary but not identical Bessemer Building has long since been replaced by a parking garage. In the close view of the light well above, we can see how much thought went into sucking up every photon for the interior offices. Those bays take in light from every possible angle. In many of our prominent buildings, the light well is hidden in the back, but in the Fulton Building it is made the characteristic feature of the front that faces the river.

Fulton Building in 2015

The picture above was taken in 2015, before the Renaissance Hotel put a sign at the top of the building.


The name on the marquee is new, but the marquee itself came with the building. It is attached to the wall with a pair of steampunk chimeras:


Elaborate chains supporting the marquee are attached to these monogram brackets:

Bracket with monogram

Cameras: Kodak EasyShare Z981; Olympus E-20n.

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