Father Pitt

Why should the beautiful die?

A Stroll on Avery Street in Dutchtown

617 Avery Street

The part of Dutchtown south of East Ohio Street is a tiny but densely packed treasury of Victorian styles. Old Pa Pitt took a walk on Avery Street the other evening, when the sun had moved far enough around in the sky to paint the houses on the southeast side of the street.

611 Avery Street
Gable ornament on 611
609 Avery Street
607 Avery Street
539 and 537 Avery Street
527 and 525 Avery Street
521 and 519 Avery Street
517–511 Avery Street
515 and 513 Avery Street

Is this the most beautiful breezeway in Pittsburgh? It’s certainly in the running.

507 and 505 Avery Street
613 Avery Street
621 Avery Street

Cameras: Sony Alpha 3000; Canon PowerShot SX150 IS.

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