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Forsaith Block (and Neighbor), Sharpsburg

Forsaith Block

The ground floor of this building has been turned into a garage, but without losing too much of the character of the façade. The date stone tells us that the building was put up in 1889.

Date stone reading “Forsaith Block, built A. D. 1889”

Probably a little later, but not too much later, a building went up to the left of this one, perhaps for the same owners.

1103–1109 Main Street

This building appears on a 1906 map, which gives us a latest possible date. The style is somewhat different—we might call it Allegheny Valley Rundbogenstil—but the two buildings share some decorative details: the treatment of the cornice is the same, and the same flower-and-foliage ornaments (they look like a jonquil between acanthus leaves) are used on both buildings.

Jonquil between acanthus leaves
Round windows

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