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Holy Innocents Church, Sheraden

Holy Innocents Church, Sheraden

Looming up from the quiet back streets of Sheraden, this titanic Gothic church would put many a cathedral to shame. Built in 1924,(1) it was probably the grandest work of William P. Hutchins.(2) Though it has closed as a church and has been stripped of some of its ornamental details, it is still in use and thus maintains at least a precarious hold on existence.

Front of the church

This article will be a feast for lovers of utility cables. The rest will just have to put up with diagonal black lines in the pictures.

From Landis Street
From Sherwood Avenue
Apse not for whom the bell tolls

The apse of the church is a commanding presence on the street, making strollers-by feel almost as if they have wandered into a medieval cathedral city. But how many Gothic apses in those stuffy European towns have a garage in the basement?


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