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Row of Queen Anne Duplexes on Sidney Street, South Side

2315 to 2325 Sidney Street

These three Queen Anne duplexes were once identical, or nearly so. Each one has had separate adventures, and each one has preserved some details and lost others.

2323 and 2325

This one probably preserves the original appearance best, though it has lost the stained glass in the parlor windows.

2319 and 2321

This one has suffered badly from separate ownership of the two sides. Some contractor charged quite a bit of money for mutilating the left-hand side. The right side has also been modernized, but with more taste, using windows that are the right size and shape for the wall.

2315 and 2317

This one has had similar alterations, but at least the parlor windows have not been filled in with toy blocks.

Old Pa Pitt is constantly surprised by the number of Pittsburgh homeowners who say, “I hate all that natural light and fresh air! Block in those big ugly windows and give me just enough glass to see what the weather is out there.”

Row of Queen Anne duplexes

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