Tag: Queen Anne Architecture

  • A Queen Anne Survivor on Craig Street

    House on Craig Street

    Among the institutional buildings and skyscraper apartments on Craig Street are a few domestic survivors of old Bellefield, the pleasant suburban village that occupied the eastern part of Oakland. Here is one of them, a fine Queen Anne house that has lost very little of its original splendor. It now houses the Tamarind Indian restaurant.

    Front gable

    The richly decorated front gable is especially worth noting.


    A bit of carving picked out by a very long lens.

    Side gable

    The sub-gable over the side bay was richly decorated as well. Note the many textures that come together here: roof shingles (they would have been slate originally), wooden shingles, carved wood, wavy board siding, terra-cotta frieze, decoratively textured brick.

  • Queen Anne House in Shadyside

    Queen Anne House

    A particularly fine Queen Anne style house on Morewood Avenue. The big roof reminds old Pa Pitt of turn-of-the-twentieth-century German architecture.