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St. Peter’s Rectory, McKeesport

Front of St. Peter’s Rectory

What this remarkable and slightly fantastical rectory needs is a nice church to go with it, but St. Peter’s was demolished several years ago. The rectory, however, has been restored and sensitively updated.

The architectural style is a Gothic fantasy that even includes some Moorish-looking decorations. The emphatic vertical in the front creates the impression of a tower without exactly being a tower.

Oblique view of St. Peter’s Rectory
Side of the rectory

These are all high-dynamic-range pictures, each made from three different photographs at different exposures.

Since the clouds were picturesquely textured that day, old Pa Pitt thought he might try the effect of black-and-white pictures with a (simulated) red filter to bring out the clouds. The results are worth seeing, if you care to continue.


Note how the red filter lightens up the building, so that it looks as though it might be made of yellow Kittanning brick. It turns the magenta petunias at lower left pure white.

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