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The 2300 Block of Sarah Street

2313 Sarah Stret

An album of fine Victorian houses from one block of Sarah Street on the South Side. These are not all the distinguished houses in this block: these are just the ones Father Pitt managed to get good pictures of in an after-sunset stroll.

Since we have fourteen pictures in this article, we’ll put the rest below the metaphorical fold to avoid weighing down the main page.

2314 Sarah Street

This one has had a third-floor expansion added without damaging its effect on the streetscape or destroying the fine woodwork in the original dormer.

2315 Sarah Street
2316 Sarah Street
2320 Sarah Street

It looks as though this dormer has been replaced, using
some original or salvaged woodwork.


More fine woodwork around the transom.

2325 Sarah Street

A frame house whose siding has been replaced, or covered over, with vinyl. The windows, however, have not been replaced with horizontal monstrosities, as often happens in such projects. If old Pa Pitt may offer a suggestion, painting the window and door frames to match the dormer would make the siding seem much less artificial.

2326 Sarah Street

We have seen this ornately eclectic house before: it is notable for the terra-cotta head of Minerva in the gable.

Head of Minerva
2330 Sarah Street
2324 Sarah Street
2327 Sarah Street

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