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College Hall, Duquesne University

College Hall

College Hall was built in 1970, two years after Mellon Hall across the way, and we notice that the architect (whose name old Pa Pitt was not immediately able to find) took the idea of stilts from Mies Van der Rohe and applied it to an otherwise very different style of modernism. Although every element is indubitably twentieth-century, the whole effect gives us the impression of a classical temple. The interior is drab and utilitarian, but the exterior has a restrained dignity that is very attractive.

College Hall

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One response to “College Hall, Duquesne University”

  1. They aren’t terribly similar, and it’s not nearly as inspired a building as the one that you have posted here, but this immediately reminded me of Flag Plaza (the Boy Scout HQ that overlooks Downtown). There don’t seem to be many good pictures of it or of the city from its vantage point. Maybe Pa Pitt could rectify this sometime in his wanderings?

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