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Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, Dormont

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

When Dormont was founded in 1909, its founders wanted to call it “Mount Lebanon,” the historical name of that part of the South Hills. There was some friction, however, with residents to the south of the new borough, who of course later adopted that name themselves. The result was that borough founders picked the nonsensical inside-out-French name “Dormont,” which as far as old Pa Pitt knows is unique in the world. Several institutions in Dormont, however, kept the name “Mount Lebanon,” among them two churches. This one closed in 2013, the same year Dormont’s Presbyterians and Methodists threw in the towel. The building, however, has been kept in good shape. Built in 1930, it is a fine example of the streamlined Gothic influenced by Art Deco that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Tower and spire
Tower decoration
Vine decorations

Vine decorations under the entrance arches.

Ornamental capital

The sign along West Liberty Avenue matched the stone and style of the building.

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

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