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Steel Plaza Subway Station

Steel Plaza

Steel Plaza was designed in the 1980s, and its architecture is an interesting combination of Brutalist and Postmodern styles—the two most prominent materials are raw concrete and polished granite. It was built as a junction station, where the main subway line met the spur to Penn Station, which is not in regular service these days. In the picture below, the main line is on the left, and the spur is on the right.

Middle platform
Looking across the main line
A wider view
Outbound platform from inbound platform

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One response to “Steel Plaza Subway Station”

  1. I can still remember the first time that I, at the time a small boy from the backwoods of Washington County, rode the T into Pittsburgh and debarked here. The size, architectural confusion, and bustle were just overwhelming. I don’t think that sense has ever quite gone away.

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