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Prospect School, Mount Washington

Prospect School

The firm of James T. Steen & Sons gave us many prominent buildings. The elder James died in 1923, but the firm flourished under his son Marion M. Steen, whose particular specialty was schools. Here is one of his finest works, built in 1931 with additions in 1937. The school closed in 2006, but it was converted to loft apartments without losing any of the glorious Art Deco decorations and reliefs.

Addendum: The reliefs are by Charles Bradley Warren, who also did Pursuit of Knowledge on North Catholic High School.

Main entrance

Old Pa Pitt seldom does this, but because there are eighteen pictures in this article, he will avoid weighing down the front page of the site by placing the rest of them below the metaphorical fold.

Relief over the entrance
Allegorical relief

Four splendid reliefs decorate the front of the school, illustrating everyday classroom scenes familiar to students of the 1930s.

Auditorium entrance

The auditorium is now named for Joe Negri, who was already performing in public when this school was built in 1931.

Eagle and shield
West side
Prospect Street

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