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Meyer Jonasson & Co. Building

File:Meyer Jonasson & Co. building

Now called just 606 Liberty Avenue, this was once a high-class department store. The odd-shaped building was designed by MacClure & Spahr, who gave us many distinguished buildings downtown. The odd shape was forced on this one by the oblique angle of the intersection of Liberty and Oliver Avenues. That last block of Oliver Avenue was later filled in to make PNC Plaza, but this building memorializes the intersection that used to be.


The front on both streets is covered—perhaps the appropriate word is festooned—with terra-cotta decorations. The style is a kind of fantasy Jacobean Renaissance, with wide arches coming to a very shallow not-quite point. Old James I only wished he could have buildings like this in his realm.

Terra-cotta olive and oak and acanthus
More terra cotta
Terra cotta
Lion head
Light fixture
Reflections of the arches

The arches reflected in Two PNC Plaza next door.

From the sidewalk on the same side of the street

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