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Allegheny Preparatory School, Allegheny West

Allegheny Preparatory School

The children of Allegheny millionaires could walk around the corner to this school, where they would presumably be prepared to go on to college and become better educated than their merely rich parents, or perhaps just become wastrel thugs like Harry Thaw. It is now a training center for the city police, most of whom are not children of Allegheny millionaires.

Lincoln Avenue front
From Lincoln Avenue

Old Pa Pitt does not know the original purpose of the low industrial-looking building to the left of the school in this picture. It seems to date from between 1910 and 1923, to judge by our old maps, and it belonged to the school. Can anyone enlighten us?

Addendum: The architect was Thomas H. Scott, who would later design the Machesney Building (Benedum-Trees Building) and the Garden Theatre, among other works.

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