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St. Michael’s Church and Rectory, South Side Slopes

St. Michael‘s Church

St. Michael’s is one of our earliest grand Romanesque churches, finished in 1861. It was designed for a German congregation by the German-born Charles F. Bartberger, who gave us a number of other distinguished ecclesiastical buildings. (He is often confused with Charles M. Bartberger, his son, who gave us a number of distinguished schools.) It was one of the first churches around here to be made into condominium apartments, so it is now preserved as the Angel’s Arms.


It was a rainy day today, and if you enlarge the picture you can pick out the falling raindrops.


Note the date over this side door.

Rectory from the front

The rectory, which is attached to the eastern end of the church, was built in 1890 and designed by another distinguished German Pittsburgh architect: Frederick Sauer, who gave us many fine churches and the whimsical Sauer Buildings in Aspinwall. Here he has created a very German Romanesque building that harmonizes well with the older church.

Rectory from the east

A very German corner dome.


Exceptionally fine carved foliage at the entrance to the rectory.

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