Brush Creek Salems Church, Irwin

Now Brush Creek Salem United Church of Christ, this beautiful and stately building is nearly 200 years old: it was built somewhere around the years 1816-1820, serving the colonial-era community of Brush Creek outside Irwin. The adjacent Brush Creek Cemetery has marked burials going back to the 1700s, with some extraordinary works of folk art among the tombstones.

One thought on “Brush Creek Salems Church, Irwin

  1. This is, indeed a lovely church and cemetery. My wife has family buried there going back to the 1700’s.

    If Father Pitt is in the area again, I would highly recommend touring nearby Bushy Run Battlefield. It is a spot where the last serious attempt by the natives to prevent British expansion over the mountains was thwarted during Pontiac’s Rebellion. The museum is instructive, the walk through the woods is lovely, and a bronze statue which was installed last year to commemorate the event is remarkably tasteful and inspiring.

    It really is remarkable how much further back history goes when you get close to the routes of Forbes’ and Braddock’s Roads.

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