St. Bernard Church and School, Mount Lebanon

The rear of St. Bernard Church, as seen from the St. Clair Cemetery.

Camera: Olympus E-20n.

3 thoughts on “St. Bernard Church and School, Mount Lebanon

  1. I wonder, sir, if this was built by the same firm as Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Greensburg. The two churches are near twins and even have similarly boxy modernist schools hanging off a hillside to their rear.,_Pennsylvania)

    “The church, originally a parish church under the supervision of the Benedictine order, was constructed in the English Gothic style by the architectural firm of Comes, Perry and McMullen in Pittsburgh.[2] It was dedicated in May 1928,”

    1. You have a good eye for architectural style. Mr. William R. Perry—the Perry of Comes, Perry and McMullen—was the architect of St. Bernard.

      1. Thank you. I would have looked for it myself, but Mt. Lebanon having never been split out into a separate diocese, St. Bernard doesn’t have its own Wikipedia page.

        If Father Pitt ever cares to take the Lincoln Highway east a ways, the cathedral is well worth seeing. It recently went through an expensive and controversial remodeling that left the interior quite stunning. It is open until 9 most evenings. I can’t say whether it’s preferable to see it in the day when the new frescos can be properly appreciated, or at night when only a few safety lights and the lamp over the Tabernacle are lit.

        Across the road, you’ll find the Westmoreland Museum of American Art which has a better collection than one would expect to find in a 3rd class county seat (especially if you like Hudson School landscapes) and is just finishing its own extensive (and quite strange) renovation.

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