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A Vine

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is still in its early stages, but it already has a definite personality. Its emphasis is on native plants and local environments, and rather than planting an ideal landscape, it has mostly taken the landscape that was there and added a few interesting plants. This enthusiastic vine was a sight that struck Father Pitt along one of the trails.

Once again, Father Pitt brings you a picture in imitation two-strip Technicolor, because it seemed to emphasize the striking shape of the vine.

Camera: Canon PowerShot A590 (hacked).

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  1. Pittsburgh Botanic Garden—a wonderful place to visit. First, I can never look upon these vines without thinking of Tarzan and secondly, is it a grape vine or a poison ivy vine? Both grow to look like this. One sure way to tell the difference is when a poison ivy vine reaches this size it becomes hairy.

    • Virginia Creeper is another native vine that sometimes grows to prodigious size, and Father Pitt thinks this is probably a Virginia Creeper. Because he was rushing back to the entrance to get out by closing time, he did not stop to make sure. We can see, however, that the reddish leaves on the trunk of the tree on the left are Virginia Creeper.

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