Father Pitt

Why should the beautiful die?

Pittsburgh Mercantile Company Building, South Side

Composite of six photos from the Canon PowerShot S45.

This was a store where you could buy everything, from groceries to clothes to furniture. It was most definitely not the company store for the J&L steel mill nearby, because of course such company stores were illegal in Pennsylvania. Coincidentally, however, the corporation’s list of directors was exactly the same as the list of directors of the Jones and Laughlin Steel Company, and the store accepted the scrip in which the workers were paid, which could be used nowhere else.

Camera, all detail photos: Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z3.

The building was as magnificent as some of the downtown department stores; and, after serving as the local headquarters of Goodwill Industries for three and a half decades, it is now beautifully restored as very expensive luxury apartments under the name “The Brix at 26.”

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