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  • A Few More Houses from St. Clair Terrace, Mount Lebanon

    53 Mount Lebanon Boulevard

    A few more houses from the St. Clair Terrace plan in Mount Lebanon. As always in these interwar Mount Lebanon neighborhoods, the variety and quality of the designs are both striking.

    1229 Washington Road
    42 St. Clair Drive

    This kind of house, with its front door in a cone-capped turret, is known to Pittsburghers as a “Normandy.”

    31 Mount Lebanon Boulevard
    1235 Washington Road
    25 Roycroft Avenue
    1241 Washington Road
    15 Mt. Lebanon Blvd
  • Fairy-Tale Fantasy in Mount Lebanon

    1247 Washington Road
    Kodak EasyShare Z1285.

    What old Pa Pitt calls the Fairy-Tale Style was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s. The mark of the style is an exaggerated historicism in which the historical elements are rendered less as accurate reproductions of historical styles and more as if they were illustrations in a children’s book. This house in the St. Clair Terrace plan in Mount Lebanon is a perfect representative of the style.

    1247 Washington Road
    Washington Road end of the house
    St. Clair Place side of the house
    Fujifilm FinePix HS10.
  • St. Clair Terrace

    29 St. Clair Place

    St. Clair Terrace is another housing plan laid out in the 1920s, with many of the houses built then or in the next decade. It’s included in the Mt. Lebanon Historic District. Here we have some houses on St. Clair Place.


    Now a few of the houses on Roycroft Avenue, including some imaginative ones.