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  • Walkway to the West End Overlook

    Walkway to the West End Overlook

    This winding trellised walkway works well both as a pleasant place to be in its own right and to build anticipation for the view to come.

  • Fountain in Mellon Park

    The sculptures on this whimsical fountain are by Edmond Amateis. The fountain has been carefully restored so that all the spouts are working again, and it looks almost as fresh as when it was installed at the Mellon estate.
  • Fountain at Clearview Common, Mount Lebanon

    Clearview Common is a little parklet at the corner of Washington Road and Alfred Street in the middle of the Uptown Mount Lebanon business district. It makes an urban oasis out of a vacant lot, and this fountain is one of its distinctive features.

    Pittsburgh natives are probably not aware that, to outsiders, one of the most surprising things about the city and its inner suburbs is the ubiquity of shoe-repair shops.

  • A Walk in the April Woods

    Bird Park, a stream-valley park in Mount Lebanon, is a good place to look for spring flowers, and a fine place to take a little healthy outdoor exercise.

  • Clearview Common

    Clearview Common

    One way to deal with a vacant lot in a business district is to make a tiny park out of it. Seldom are these tiny parks made to such a high standard as Clearview Common, a grand name for a single vacant lot. But not many jurisdictions have as much money as Mount Lebanon has to work with. The little park is at the corner of Alfred Street and Washington Road, Uptown Mount Lebanon, and it is a very pleasant place to sit and enjoy take-out from one of the many nearby restaurants.

  • Fountain in Mellon Park

    Edmond Amateis was the sculptor who created this whimsical fountain for the Mellon estate. These pictures were taken in November of 2008 with a Kodak Retinette.

  • Imagine Spring

    Every once in a great while, old Pa Pitt attempts something artistic. In this case, he was deliberately imitating with his camera the effect of a painting in the collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Biches dans une forêt de sapins by Gustave Doré (better known these days for his book illustrations). Obviously the landscape of this hillside in Frick Park is very different from the stream valley in Doré’s painting, but old Pa Pitt was pleased with the effect of the light and the colors.

  • Urban Archaeology in Emerald View Park

    Emerald View Park is a catch-all name for a string of parks ringing Mount Washington. In the section off Greenleaf Street are many remnants of at least one old house and some other constructions. Since old plat maps show nothing precisely here, this may have been dumped debris from a demolition nearby. Now the forest is taking over, but sections of brick wall and tile floor make surreal additions to the woodland scene.


  • Dolphin Fountain, Grandview Park

    A dolphin fountain at the Grandview Park entrance where Bailey Avenue turns into Beltzhoover Avenue. Since this picture was taken in 2001, the stones have been cleaned of their decades of industrial soot.


  • Allegheny County Civil War Memorial, West Park

    Seen across Lake Elizabeth. This monument was “Erected to the memory of the 4,000 brave men of Allegheny County who fell in the great struggle to preserve the integrity of our Union.” Even today, four thousand men would be a huge number from this one county, and Allegheny County did not have more than a million people in it back in the 1860s.

    Near the memorial was a bridge over the railroad, now gone, with the approaches blocked by chain-link fence. Some enterprising romantic discovered that the fence makes a fine billboard for a message spelled out in padlocks.