Tag: Night

  • Bridges at Night

    Sixth Street Bridge

    The Three Sisters bridges have a new lighting scheme. Above, the Roberto Clemente or Sixth Street Bridge; below, the Andy Warhol or Seventh Street Bridge.

    Seventh Street Bridge
  • Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny West

    Western Theological Seminary

    “Blue hour” pictures are very fashionable these days. Well, old Pa Pitt can do those too, if you really want them.

    Western Theological Seminary tower

    We also have pictures of the Western Theological Seminary by day.

  • Calvary Methodist Church at Night

    Calvary United Methodist Church at night

    Calvary Methodist Church in Allegheny West is floodlit at night, and old Pa Pitt stopped the other night to get a few pictures. The design of this church is credited to Vrydaugh & Shepherd with T. B. Wolfe. Vrydaugh & Wolfe would soon become a partnership designing a number of fine churches and millionaires’ mansions. Old Pa Pitt does not know what happened to Shepherd.

    West front
    West front
    Calvary United Methodist Church

    These pictures were all taken hand-held with very slow shutter speeds. Photographers will tell you that you cannot take a sharp hand-held picture at 1/10 of a second. What they mean is that you cannot reliably take a sharp picture. With digital photography, where individual pictures cost nothing, what you can do is take a dozen or two pictures and hope that one of them will be sharp.

  • Winter Light Garden at Phipps Conservatory

    Phipps Conservatory illuminated

    This year’s Winter Flower Show and Light Garden ends tomorrow to make way for the annual Orchid and Bonsai Show. The conservatory is open late for the light show, which has become one of Pittsburgh’s chief holiday attractions.

    Globes and pointy things
    Abstract tree
    Illuminated tree
    Orange and green
    Light arcade
    Overlooking the light garden
    Sunken Garden
    Victoria Room
    East Room
    Serpentine Room
    View from the Japanese Courtyard Garden
  • Christmas Tree in the Skating Rink at PPG Place

    Christmas tree at PPG Place

    With computers, it is possible to make the lights on a Christmas tree an ever-changing animated kaleidoscope of movement and color. According to the laws of American taste, if it is possible, it is mandatory.

    Christmas tree in the skating rink at PPG Place
    Christmas tree
    Light show
    Christmas tree in purple
  • Entrance to the Kinder Building, Allegheny West

    The Kinder Building is a little Beaux-Arts masterpiece at the corner of Western Avenue and Galveston Avenue. At night its carefully balanced classical entrance takes on a pleasing air of mystery.

  • St. Peter’s Church, North Side

    St. Peter’s Church

    Built in 1872 from a design by Andrew Peebles, this cathedral-sized church did become a cathedral about three years later for the short-lived Catholic Diocese of Allegheny, which was formed by taking the rich half away from the diocese of Pittsburgh and leaving all the debt with the poor half. The diocese was suppressed in 1889, but old dioceses never die, and there is still a titular Bishop of Allegheny. The current holder of the title is a retired auxiliary bishop of Newark.

    Resurrection relief

    This relief of the Resurrection takes on added drama at night.

  • Point Fountain

  • Fifth Avenue Place

  • Peoples Center and World War II Veterans Memorial, North Shore

    The Peoples Center is one of a number of buildings that have gone up on the North Shore in the past two decades in the style old Pa Pitt calls neoneoclassical, in which cheap modern materials are arranged in forms that echo classical architecture, but without any embarrassing artistic detail. The buildings look traditional and unobjectionable. They make decent citizens of the urban landscape. They have nothing to excite interest in themselves, but they have nothing to excite disgust or dismay, either.

    The lighted World War II memorial in front gives this night view a drama it would not have otherwise.