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  • Zinnias

    Back in the dark ages of “bedding plants,” which is to say the 1970s and 1980s, zinnias were almost forgotten, grown only by those eccentric gardeners who grew their annuals from seed and liked bright Victorian colors. Now zinnias have regained their honored place as staples of the annual garden, and the world is a brighter place.

  • Kale Flowers

    Kale flowers

    Kale is a biennial. If you let some kale overwinter, it will give you cheery yellow mustard flowers in the spring, which will produce the seeds for another crop of kale.

    Closeup of kale flowers
    Kodak EasyShare Z981.
  • Plant Your Scallions

    You buy a bundle of scallions, or green onions, or whatever they call them at your grocery, and you use half of them. What do you do with the other half? You can root them in water, or just stick them in the ground, and they will grow fat stalks with beautiful flowers that last for days in a vase.

  • It’s Daylily Season