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  • Point Fountain

  • Panther Head Fountain at the Cathedral of Learning

  • Point Fountain and Heinz Field

  • Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain

    Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain

    This fountain is a memorial to Mary Schenley, heir to the O’Hara glass fortune and donor of the vast tract of land that became Schenley Park. It is remarkable as a work of art, and almost as remarkable for being one of the relatively few fountains in the world built above a buried bridge. There was once a hollow here; an arch bridge crossed the hollow at this point. The hollow was filled in, but if you dig far enough at this spot, you will find the Bellefield Bridge.

    A Song to Nature

    The sculpture, A Song to Nature, is by Victor David Brenner, and old Pa Pitt is going to make a remarkable offer to his readers. If you ever meet Father Pitt in person, he will give you for your very own another famous sculpture in metal by the same great artist. He can make this remarkable offer because Victor David Brenner’s most famous work is the face of Abraham Lincoln on the United States penny.


    In this sculpture, the female figure represents Sweet Humanity playing her song to the lazy earth-god Pan, who responds in a way that we may perhaps judge from his face.

    Turtle fountainhead
    A Song to Nature
    Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain
  • Panther Fountain at the Cathedral of Learning

    This fountain sits below the southwest entrance to the tower, across from the William Pitt Student Union.

  • Fountain in Mellon Park

    The sculptures on this whimsical fountain are by Edmond Amateis. The fountain has been carefully restored so that all the spouts are working again, and it looks almost as fresh as when it was installed at the Mellon estate.
  • Fountain at Clearview Common, Mount Lebanon

    Clearview Common is a little parklet at the corner of Washington Road and Alfred Street in the middle of the Uptown Mount Lebanon business district. It makes an urban oasis out of a vacant lot, and this fountain is one of its distinctive features.

    Pittsburgh natives are probably not aware that, to outsiders, one of the most surprising things about the city and its inner suburbs is the ubiquity of shoe-repair shops.

  • Summer at the Point Fountain

  • Dolphin Fountain, Grandview Park

    A dolphin fountain at the Grandview Park entrance where Bailey Avenue turns into Beltzhoover Avenue. Since this picture was taken in 2001, the stones have been cleaned of their decades of industrial soot.


  • Waterfall on First Avenue

    This waterfall fountain runs down the gentle slope along First Avenue in front of the PNC Firstside Center.