French Marigolds

French marigold

Old Pa Pitt uses various digital cameras that are cheap, old, or both; but when the desired effect is to make a foreground object stand out from the blurred background, it helps to have a DSLR. It helps even more to have a DSLR with a supplementary macro lens, which gives us a very shallow depth of field. The camera that took these pictures is an Olympus E-20n, which is old enough to vote and next year will be old enough to drink. But as long as it keeps taking pictures like these, old Pa Pitt will keep it in the camera bag.

First Daylilies, Last Tulips

Yes, since you ask, Father Pitt did plant tulips right in front of this patch of daylilies so he could take these pictures proving that these daylilies do really bloom as early as the end of tulip season. The pictures were taken on May 13, and old Pa Pitt does not know of any other daylilies blooming that early in the city. The variety has no name, since it came from a batch of mixed unnamed hybrid seedlings.