Tag: Cultural District

  • The Roosevelt Hotel

    Built in 1927, the Roosevelt was Renaissance classical on the outside and Tudor on the inside. On Emporis.com, the design is credited to Webber & Wurster, a Philadelphia firm whose only work listed on Emporis.com is this building, although some Philadelphia buildings come up in wider Internet searches. The Roosevelt went out of business as a hotel more than once, for the last time half a century ago in 1972. Since then it has been apartments of one sort or another.

  • Century Building

    The Century Building on Seventh Street was built in 1907; the architects, according to its National Register of Historic Places data, were Rutan & Russell and Shenk, Henry Co.. This is a composite of several pictures, which is the only way to get a whole view of the façade from across the narrow street.


  • Sixth Street

    Sixth Street in the theater district, seen from the Penn Avenue intersection.

    Camera: Canon PowerShot A590 IS.

  • Penn Avenue Downtown

    Penn Avenue downtown in the theater district. Above, looking west from Seventh Street; Theater Square (designed by Michael Graves), with the Greer Cabaret Theater and the Public Theater, is on the right, and Heinz Hall is on the left at the end of the block. Two Gateway Center looms at the end of the street. Below, from Sixth Street, with the Phipps-McElveen Building and the old Horne’s department store on the right, and Two Gateway Center looming closer.