Valley View Presbyterian Church

Valley View Presbyterian Church

This pretty little church stands on the Stanton Heights corner of the intersection where Stanton Heights, Garfield, and East Liberty meet on city planning maps. We might identify it as Romanesque by its round arches, but the general form, square with a corner tower, seems more Arts and Crafts.

Valley View Presbyterian Church

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The classical style of this church, which is now the cathedral for the Metropolis of Pittsburgh, is quite unusual for a Greek Orthodox church. Greek Christians do not usually build in a Greek classical style—and the style of this church, with the prominent arch in the front, is more Roman than Greek. The explanation is that it was built for Methodists; the Orthodox congregation bought it from them.

Even if you don’t know much Greek, you can probably guess that this is the name of the church in Greek: “St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral Church.”

Ionic capital

One of the splendid Ionic capitals that hold up a front of which Vitruvius would have approved.

St. Mary of the Mount at Sunrise

The first rays of morning sun strike St. Mary of the Mount Church on Mount Washington.

Reflections of St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Cathedral reflected in the Software Engineering Institute across the street.