Cathedral of Learning from Across Schenley Plaza

Cathedral of Learning

One of the most remarkable things about the Cathedral of Learning is that it is an isolated skyscraper. There are very few places in the world where a skyscraper can be examined by itself, and few skyscrapers so much worth examining as this, which Father Pitt has often declared the only convincing application of Gothic style to the skyscraper form.

Looking Up at the Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

With part of the Stephen Foster Memorial in front.

Cathedral of Learning Through the Trees

Cathedral of Learning through the trees

The Cathedral of Learning seen through the trees in front of the Schenley Plaza side of the Carnegie Institute building.

Panther Fountain at the Cathedral of Learning

This fountain sits below the southwest entrance to the tower, across from the William Pitt Student Union.

Looking Down Forbes Avenue

The lively and varied streetscape of Forbes Avenue in Oakland, looking toward the Cathedral of Learning.