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  • Longuevue Drive in Beverly Heights

    140 Longuevue Drive

    Longuevue Drive is one of the streets in Beverly Heights, one of the plans from the 1920s that make the Mount Lebanon Historic District a museum of interwar domestic architecture. The variety of styles is delightful. One gets the impression that all the rules have been repealed, and you can have whatever house your most childish fantasy specifies, from a French château to a fairy-tale witch’s cottage.

    140 Longuevue Drive

    We have dozens of pictures if you choose to see them, but because there are so many, we put them behind a “more” link.

  • House by Hannah & Sterling in Beverly Heights

    House designed by Hannah & Sterling

    One of the most remarkable things about the houses in the Mount Lebanon Historic District is how little they change. Many of them are preserved almost exactly as they were built—like this one, built in 1934 from a design by Hannah & Sterling. Hannah is Thomas Hannah, an architect at the end of a long and prosperous career when this house was built; Sterling was the younger P. Howard Sterling, who would continue designing houses in Mount Lebanon after his older partner died. The picture above shows the house as it appears today, and the fuzzy microfilm picture (it’s the lower of these two pictures) from the Pittsburgh Press right after the house was built matches it almost exactly.

    Pittsburgh Press, October 28, 1934.
    61 Longuevue Drive
  • Beverly Heights, Mount Lebanon

    70 Woodhaven Drive

    Beverly Heights is one of several housing plans from the 1920s that make up the Mt. Lebanon Historic District, one of the best-preserved examples of the 1920s automobile suburb in the country. Mission Hills set the pattern: picturesquely curving streets with plenty of open spaces, and matching setbacks for the houses, but otherwise homeowners hired their own architects and exercised their own taste. The result is a pleasing diversity of styles that makes every street an adventure.

    96 Woodhaven Drive
    106 Woodhaven Drive
    100 Woodhaven Drive
    90 Woodhaven Drive
    84 Woodhaven Drive
    166 Woodhaven Drive
    50 Woodhaven Drive
    136 Woodhaven Drive

    Old Pa Pitt is going to be returning to Mount Lebanon a few more times to document the Historic District, so expect more in the coming weeks.