World War II Memorial at St. Basil’s

A modestly late-Art-Deco memorial to St. Basil’s parishioners who served in World War II. It remembers their service in the war, but its message is “PAX.”

Tower with Falcon

This is the tower of St. Basil’s in Carrick. Old Pa Pitt didn’t notice the bird when he was taking pictures, or he might have tried to go after it with a long lens. If you enlarge this picture to full size, you will see a peregrine falcon sitting on the cross, probably waiting for an unwary pigeon.

St. Basil’s, Carrick

St. Basil’s Church, Carrick, Pittsburgh

Currently part of Holy Apostles parish, St. Basil’s occupies a splendid hilltop site from which its great rose window can be seen for miles. St. Basil himself presides over the façade, imprisoned in a cage that keeps the pigeons out and St. Basil in.


Hillside in Carrick

Carrick dribbles down the precipitous slope from Brownsville Road. The church at upper left is St. Basil’s, now part of Holy Apostles Parish. The spire on the skyline right of center belongs to Zion Christian Church, built as Bethel Baptist Church.